April Snow Puts Michigan Golf On Temporary Hold

The thirteenth at Washtenaw Golf Club under a blanket of snow.

April Snow Puts Michigan Golf On Temporary Hold — At Washtenaw Golf Club

A late April snowstorm descended on southeast Michigan yesterday, covering the trees and ground in a blanket of white. Michigan golf is on temporary hold.

Snow is beautiful. And annoying. But it is also to be expected when it comes to Michigan. Sudden April snowstorms are not unusual.

A few years ago, when I was coaching high school girls golf, it snowed during the state playoffs in May. My team was not pleased. They had no idea how anyone could expect them to play in a snowstorm. I had to put down a mutiny and insist that we were playing. That’s Michigan golf, though.

I got out early this morning to take some photos of the aftermath of the snowstorm at Washtenaw Golf Club. By early afternoon, the temperature is supposed to get up to mid forties, so with the sun it is likely the snow will be gone by tomorrow.

Enjoy the photos. Click to embiggen.

April Snow Puts Michigan Golf On Temporary Hold first appeared on GolfBlogger.Com on April 21, 2021

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