April 1 Golf

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I managed to get out on April first to play a round of golf. Mother Nature was playing an April Fools joke because the air temperature was only marginally above freezing and a brisk wind made it seem even worse. My body was quite warm thanks to the battery powered Mobile Warming golf jacket I was sporting, but my face was frozen after nine holes. I’d had a spot of frostbite after an early season round a couple of years ago, and while that was somewhat humorous, this time I decided that discretion was the better part of valor. With one case of frostbite from golf, people were laughing with me. Two case, and people would be laughing AT me. I bailed after nine holes.

April 1 Golf Small Storm Damage photo April1Golf-1010667_zps88981b7f.jpg

The course had lots of winter storm damage that had yet to be moved, but the fairways were clear. The grass was still yellow, and the trees bare, but at least there were no pools of ice on the ground.

Mobile Warming Jacket Small photo April1Golf-1010668_zps6a6379cd.jpg

Here I am modeling my Mobile Warming jacket.

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