Are The European Ladies Ahead Of The LPGA?

The Ladies European Tour’s recently announced schedule will feature 27 events, four more than last year, with stops in 20 countries.

Meanwhile, the LPGA’s 2010 schedule will have 24 events, down three from last year. Thirteen of those will be in the US.

I have no idea what the total of the purses are on the two tours, but it occurs to me that in total they may not be far off.

While there has been some speculation that the LPGA may merge with the PGA Tour, I wonder if a better solution would be to merge with the Ladies European Tour. They could collectively eliminate the weakest venues and end up with 35 interesting events. It also would strengthen the quality of competition and perhaps make the entire thing more interesting to television.

Having Sophie Sandolo as a regular on television wouldn’t hurt.

How about this slogan: The World’s Most Beautiful Athletes On The World’s Most Beautiful Courses.

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