Area 313 To Be Featured At The Rocket Mortgage Classic

Area 313 To Be Focus of Rocket Mortgage Classic
The fourteenth at Detroit Golf Club is a 543 yard par 5. This is the start of the three hole stretch dubbed Area 313, after Detroit’s Area Code

The center of activity at the Rocket Mortgage Classic should be the corner of Detroit Golf Club organizers have dubbed “Area 313,” after Detroit’s Area Code. Area 313 includes the 543 yard par 5 fourteenth, the 160 yard par 3 15th and the 450 yard par 4 sixteenth.

The Rocket Mortgage Classic is June 24 – 30 at Detroit Golf Club.

Area 313 To Be Focus of Rocket Mortgage Classic
A view of the green on the par 5 fourteenth: the starting hole of Area 313. Water on the left spells trouble. The grandstands are already under construction.

If over the course of the week a pro scores a 313 — an eagle on the 14th (a 3) , an ace on 15 (a 1) and a birdie on 16 (a 3) — that triggers a payout of $313,000 to the Rocket Mortgage Classic’s charitable partners.

Rocket Mortgage Classic Executive Director Jason Lanwell said that the 313 feat does not need to accomplished in a consecutive fashion.

Area 313 To Be Focus of Rocket Mortgage Classic
The fifteenth at Detroit Golf Club is a tricky little 150 yard par 3. This is the second hole in the Area 313 stretch. Fans here should be able to watch players finish on fourteen and then play the entirety of the fifteenth.

Area 313 should be a great place to observe the tournament, with stadium seating and hospitality.

Jason Langwell, Executive Director of the Rocket Mortgage Classic described his vision for Area 313:

It’s a place where it’s going to be kind of the epicenter of The Fan Experience. It’s going to be a great opportunity, a great use of golf.

A lot of these structures around you will have tents on top of them you will to walk into the area. You have to enter Area 313, you can’t just wander up upon it. It will be a stadium-like experience which we have seen at some other events.

Many other events have a signature hole and stadium-like experiences. This is a three-hole stretch. No other event or has this type of a condensed epicenter where people will be able to not even turn their head and see two or three of the most important shots in the tournament.

So during the week we’re actually going to kick off Area 313 with the Area 313 Celebrity Challenge on Tuesday.

Team DJ with Dustin Johnson and celebrities will compete against team Rickie Fowler in Area 313. What’s going to happen is they’re going to play for the first time in a scramble format to see if they can go 313. It will kick the week off right so it’ll be it’ll be a ton of fun and it’s really just a really great opportunity in a way for us to help build our brand and kind of put our mark on this event.

The sixteenth at Detroit Golf Club is a 450 yard par 4. This is the third and final hole of the Area 313 stretch. Grandstands are being built around the green.

I certainly was nowhere near close to a 313 as I played Detroit Golf Club on the media day. What I shot was an area code not currently in use in the United States.

As a side question … has any of you gentle readers ever scored a 313 sequence? If so, leave the details in the comments.

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