Arnold Palmer Center For Golf History Announced

The USGA has just announced a new museum and project called the Arnold Palmer Center for Golf History at Golf House. It will more than double the size of the USGA’s current museum. Palmer also apparently will spearhead the fundraising.

Palmer is certainly the only choice for a namesake for this museum. He created modern golf and has lived—participated in—its history. 

Think about this: When Palmer first teed it up on the PGA tour, Eisenhower was president. West Germany had just joined NATO, and the Warsaw Pact was formed. Captain Kangaroo, Gunsmoke, The Honeymooners and the Mickey Mouse Club all made their debut. The “Ballad of Davy Crockett” was the number one record. The AFL and CIO had just merged. Mickey Mantle hit career homer number 100.

He played with Sneed and Hogan. And with Woods, Mickelson and Els (although admittedly not well). And with all the guys in between.

Its been said that whenever a PGA player cashes a check, he should send a piece of it as a royalty to Palmer.

I can’t wait to see the museum.


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