Aureus Supra Shoes Review

Aureus Supra Shoes

Aureus Supra Shoes Review

Aureus Supra Shoes.

Grade: C
Teacher’s Comments: Instantly comfortable. Stylish.
My tastes in shoes is pretty plain. Plain brown. Plain black. Plain white. But when Aureus offered me a pair of their blue-and-brown oxfords for testing, I decided to throw caution out the window. I’m now living on the razor’s edge of fashion.

Or maybe not. Mrs. GolfBlogger just laughed when I suggested that I might be turning over a new fashion leaf.

At any rate, I found these Aureus Supra shoes instantly comfortable. They’re lightweight and sufficiently padded on the bottom. They have lots of flex and plenty of room in the toe box. The Aureus Supra also sports a very nice elastic lace system. The elastic laces make the Supras behave as slip-0ns, but look like they have laces.


In fact, the Aureus Supra shoes feel an awful lot to me like a more substantial slipper.  Although I have taken them on a few excursions around town, I have mostly worn them as my relaxing-in-the-evening shoes around the house.

The uppers of the shoes are leather, and have a white polyurethane sole. The sole bottoms made of a clear material with a wavy pattern for grip. You can see the Aureus logo right through the sole.

Sole Coming Off
Sole Coming Off

I like everything about the Aureus but for one thing: after a couple of weeks, the clear sole bottom on one of the shoes started to separate at the toe. A quick application of Shoe Goo, however, put it right back, and I haven’t had any issues in a month of wear since. The manufacturing problem, however, means that I can’t grade it out any higher than a “C.” I expect that I just got that one bad pair, but cannot be sure.

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