Australian Open Winners and History

Australian Open WinnersAustralian Open Winners and History

One of the oldest continuously played golf championships, the Australian Open dates to 1904, making it the same age as the Canadian Open and just ten years younger than the US Open. As a national open, it carries a prestige that few others hold, and as a result has a minimum level of points in the World Golf Rankings, regardless of the strength of field.

The list of winners is a who’s who of the top players from the 1950s to the 1980s: Bobby Locke, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Peter Thompson, Greg Norman, Tom Watson, Mark Calcavecchia and Lee Westwood. But the tournament has been dominated throughout the years by Australians (and rightfully so), with Norman, Kel Nagle, Aaron Baddeley, Stuart Appleby, Peter Lonard, Adam Scott and Geoff Ogilvy toppoing the list.

In 2011, the tournament added special significance as a “warm up” to the President’s Cup, which was played at Royal Melbourne a week later.

The event is run by Golf Australia, and is a major tournament for the PGA Tour Australasia and the OneAsia Tour.

A complete list of Australian Open Winners follows:

Emirates Australian Open
2016Jordan Spieth (2) United States276 (−12)Playoff
2015Matt Jones Australia276 (−8)1 stroke
2014Jordan Spieth United States271 (−13)6 strokes
2013Rory McIlroy Northern Ireland270 (−18)1 stroke
2012Peter Senior (2) Australia284 (−4)1 stroke
2011Greg Chalmers (2) Australia275 (−13)1 stroke
Australian Open presented by Century 21
2010Geoff Ogilvy Australia269 (−19)4 strokes
Australian Open
2009Adam Scott Australia273 (−15)5 strokes
2008Tim Clark South Africa279 (−9)Playoff
MFS Australian Open
2007Craig Parry Australia277 (−11)1 stroke
2006John Senden Australia280 (−8)1 stroke
2005Robert Allenby (2) Australia284 (−4)1 stroke
Hillross Australian Open
2004Peter Lonard (2) Australia281 (−3)1 stroke
Australian Open presented by Hillross Financial
2003Peter Lonard Australia279 (−9)1 stroke
Holden Australian Open
2002Stephen Allan Australia198 (−12)1 stroke
2001Stuart Appleby Australia271 (−13)3 strokes
2000Aaron Baddeley (2) Australia278 (−10)2 strokes
1999Aaron Baddeley (a) Australia274 (−14)2 strokes
1998Greg Chalmers Australia288 (E)1 stroke
1997Lee Westwood England274 (−14)Playoff
1996Greg Norman (5) Australia280 (−8)8 strokes
Heineken Australian Open
1995Greg Norman (4) Australia278 (−10)2 strokes
1994Robert Allenby Australia280 (−8)1 stroke
1993Brad Faxon United States275 (−13)2 strokes
Australian Open
1992Steve Elkington Australia280 (−8)2 strokes
1991Wayne Riley Australia285 (−3)1 stroke
1990John Morse United States283 (−5)Playoff
1989Peter Senior Australia271 (−17)7 strokes
National Panasonic Australian Open
1988Mark Calcavecchia United States269 (−19)6 strokes
1987Greg Norman (3) Australia273 (−15)10 strokes
1986Rodger Davis Australia278 (−10)1 stroke
1985Greg Norman (2) Australia212 (−4)2 strokes
1984Tom Watson United States281 (−7)1 stroke
Australian Open
1983Peter Fowler Australia285 (−3)3 strokes
1982Bob Shearer Australia287 (−1)4 strokes
1981Bill Rogers United States282 (−6)1 stroke
Dunhill Australian Open
1980Greg Norman Australia284 (−4)1 stroke
1979Jack Newton Australia288 (E)1 stroke
Australian Open
1978Jack Nicklaus (6) United States284 (−4)6 strokes
1977David Graham Australia284 (−4)3 strokes
1976Jack Nicklaus (5) United States286 (−2)4 strokes
1975Jack Nicklaus (4) United States279 (−9)3 strokes
Qantas Australian Open
1974Gary Player (7) South Africa277 (−11)3 strokes
1973J. C. Snead United States280 (−8)2 strokes
1972Peter Thomson (3) Australia281 (−7)Playoff
1971Jack Nicklaus (3) United States269 (−19)8 strokes
Australian Open
1970Gary Player (6) South Africa280 (−8)3 strokes
1969Gary Player (5) South Africa288 (E)1 stroke
1968Jack Nicklaus (2) United States270 (−18)1 stroke
1967Peter Thomson (2) Australia281 (−11)7 strokes
1966Arnold Palmer United States276 (−22)5 strokes
1965Gary Player (4) South Africa264 (−28)6 strokes
1964Jack Nicklaus United States287 (−1)Playoff
1963Gary Player (3) South Africa278 (−18)7 strokes
1962Gary Player (2) South Africa2812 strokes
1961Frank Phillips (2) Australia2752 strokes
1960Bruce Devlin (a) Australia2821 stroke
1959Kel Nagle Australia2845 strokes
1958Gary Player South Africa2715 strokes
1957Frank Phillips Australia2871 stroke
1956Bruce Crampton Australia2892 strokes
1955Bobby Locke South Africa2901 stroke
1954Ossie Pickworth (4) Australia2808 strokes
1953Norman Von Nida (3) Australia2782 strokes
1952Norman Von Nida (2) Australia2785 strokes
1951Peter Thomson Australia2834 strokes
1950Norman Von Nida Australia2861 stroke
1949Eric Cremin Australia2877 strokes
1948Ossie Pickworth (3) Australia289Playoff
1947Ossie Pickworth (2) Australia2855 strokes
1946Ossie Pickworth Australia2892 strokes
1940–45: No tournament due to World War II
1939Jim Ferrier (a) (2) Australia2852 strokes
1938Jim Ferrier (a) Australia28314 strokes
1937George Naismith Australia2991 stroke
1936Gene Sarazen United States2824 strokes
1935Fergus McMahon Australia2931 stroke
1934Billy Bolger Australia2833 strokes
1933Lou Kelly Australia3023 strokes
1932Mick Ryan (a) Australia2961 stroke
1931Ivo Whitton (a) (5) Australia3011 stroke
1930Frank Eyre Australia3067 strokes
1929Ivo Whitton (a) (4) Australia3095 strokes
1928Fred Popplewell (2) Australia2951 stroke
1927Rufus Stewart Australia2972 strokes
1926Ivo Whitton (a) (3) Australia2973 strokes
1925Fred Popplewell Australia2992 strokes
1924Alex Russell (a) Australia3032 strokes
1923Tom Howard Australia3013 strokes
1922Charlie Campbell Australia3073 strokes
1921Arthur Le Fevre Australia29510 strokes
1920Joe Kirkwood, Sr. Australia2905 strokes
1914–19: No tournament due to World War I
1913Ivo Whitton (a) (2) Australia3023 strokes
1912Ivo Whitton (a) Australia3215 strokes
1911Carnegie Clark (3) Australia3211 stroke
1910Carnegie Clark (2) Australia30611 strokes
1909Claude Felstead (a) Australia3162 strokes
1908Clyde Pearce (a) Australia3113 strokes
1907Michael Scott (a) (2) England3188 strokes
1906Carnegie Clark Australia3225 strokes
1905Dan Soutar Scotland33710 strokes
1904Michael Scott (a) England3158 strokes


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