Golf Metronome

One of the latest theories in golf is that tempo is what distinguishes the pros … Read more.

Scotty Cameron Red X

I’ve got a Scotty Cameron Newport Putter. It’s probably the best “feeling” putter I’ve ever … Read more.

The Clicking of Cuthbert Ch. 1

With this post, I begin what I call a Saturday serial, in homage to those … Read more.

Els Calls For Belly Putter Ban

Ernie Els has called for banning the belly putter. I agree. These things are an … Read more.

Cure The Pull

The BBC has this advice on curing your Pull.

Golfers and Skin Cancer

A few years ago, my wife came down with skin cancer, apparently caused by too … Read more.


The Powerball is a handheld gyroscope designed to build wrist, arm and shoulder strength in … Read more.

Shaft Fitter

True Temper has an interactive shaft fitting program.

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