Autolinx Hard Case

The Autolinx is an airline-compliant hard case for your clubs that also attaches to the … Read more.

Hitting The 3 Wood

Here is some advice on hitting the 3 wood.

Pedometer / Score Keeper

I bought one of these pedometer/score keepers from Sharper Image. The plastic belt clip broke … Read more.

Aserta Putter

The Aserta Putter basically turns putters upside down. By raising the mass, the inventors claim … Read more.


A scientific explanation of torque from Jeff Sheets.

Caddy Mate

I’m in favor of anything that will speed up a round of golf. This looks … Read more.

Impact Whiz Prevents Scooping

The Impact Whiz swing trainer has a bar across the back of the club that … Read more.

Keep Green

Keep Green is a blog about greenskeeping. Interesting stuff, actually.

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