Axis of Eagle Golf Tour

imageEven after visiting the websites, I’m still not sure this isn’t a joke: A travel company has apparently put together a two event amateur golf tour with one stop each in North Korea and Iran. They’re calling it “The Axis of Eagle.”

Here’s what they say:

Lupine Travel are proud to announce the launch of the Axis Of Eagle Golfing Circuit.

The circuit currently takes in two of the worlds most exclusive courses; The Pyongyang Golf Complex in North Korea and Tehran’s Enghelab course in Iran.

The first event of 2012 is the Iranian Amateur Golf Open, the first ever international golf tournament to take place in Iran. It is the world’s only ever 13 hole course. Previously a full 18 hole course,five holes have been taken away each year for military use. The course is set to the breathtaking backdrop of the Alborz mountains. The tournament runs from 20th to 22nd April.

The second event is the 2012 DPRK Amateur Golf Open. The first event took place last year and had 17 competitors from 8 different nations taking part. The field this year has been increased to allow up to 45 competitors. The top score last year was 12 over par; a long way from Kim Jong Il’s world record 38 under par which he shot on the very same course! If anyone can beat that record, it will surely be his son, the new leader Kim Jong Un who has yet to play the course, but competitors in this years event are welcome to give it their best shot! This years tournament takes place from the 19th to 21st May.

There’s so much that is wrong with this, I don’t even know where to start. But if you’re still interested, you can visit:



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