Azont Adjustable Leather Belt Review

Azont Adjustable Leather Belt Review
Azont Adjustable Leather Belt Review

Azont Adjustable Leather Belt
Grade: B
Teacher’s Comments: A clever adjustable system. Not a big fan of the buckle.

Azont recently sent one of their adjustable leather belts for review.

Measuring 1 3/8 inches wide and 3/16 of an inch wide, it is made from full grain, vegetable tanned leather. Its color is a nice, rich dark brown. The large-ish buckle is brass.

The most interesting feature of the belt is its adjustability. As it comes in the package, the belt will fit up to a 42 inch waist. To adjust, you turn the belt over and unscrew the buckle segment. Cut the belt to fit, then use the provided punch to hammer a new hole in the resized belt. Finally, re-screw the buckle segment back onto the belt. It’s a bit of work, but the result is a belt that fits just right. As someone whose waist is in an odd, rather than even size, I appreciate being able to fine tune the length.

The belt also has a leather tab to keep the loop in place. I have not seen anything like that before.

The Avont leather belt is looks good as a piece of casual wear. I’m of the belief that adult males are undressed without a belt, so I have quite the collection in my closet. This one will look good on days when I’m just hanging out, working around the house or running errands. It would look very good with a pair of jeans.

My only complaint is that the buckle feels a bit large. It is appropriate for the width of the belt, but it still somehow seems big. But your tastes may vary. You can see how it looks on a pair of khakis, above.

The belt comes in a nice gift box, so given its adjustability, it would be a nice gift. No need to know the size of the recipient.

The price seems reasonable for a leather belt with brass buckle. On Amazon, the belt sells for $27.99.

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