Baby Caddie: A Genius Solution For Golfing Parents

Baby Caddie: A Genius Solution For Golfing Parents

File this under “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?”

An Australian company called Baby Caddie has come up with a golf bag that attaches to a stroller.

I remember that when the three wheeled push carts first came out, they were derided by older golfers as “looking like baby carriages.” I even encountered a course that forbade push carts (you could take a two wheeled pull cart, though).

Now it has all come full circle: a golf bag for a stroller.

This is much better (and safer) than those folk I occasionally see with a baby in the shotgun seat of a powered cart. The baby gets the stroll; the parent gets the exercise, and the outdoors are enjoyed by all.

Here’s the PR Pitch.

Get Moms & Dads Back on Course with Baby Caddie

New Mom or Dad who can’t wait to get back on the golf course? Baby Caddie has the answer! Holding up to 12 clubs and featuring two large pockets for your golfing gear, the Baby Caddie attaches to the back of virtually any stroller for a trip to the course or the range.

Adjustable to fit bassinet, forward facing, rear facing or lying down configuration, your mini playing partner will glide the fairways in comfort. Bond with your baby, get back to the game you love, and give your partner a well earned rest. Everyone wins with the Baby Caddie!

For more information visit

MSRP: 149.95 Australian Dollars


The company has free shipping, so the Australian location should not be a sticking point. (note: I get nothing for this; I just thought it was cool)

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