Back To School

My summer has officially come to an end. Classes start today, and I’ve got a full load—37 students per class. That’s a far cry from what we had when I first started and classes averaged 27 (we were getting raises in those days, too. Haven’t had one in years now). But even as politicians and the public decry declining educational test scores, they make education more difficult by cutting budgets, forcing layoffs and more students per classroom. I am frankly not optimistic about our nation’s future.

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6 thoughts on “Back To School”

  1. Is your top-line pay more this year than last? I don’t know the specifics of how teacher pay is structured in Michigan, but in most states (that I’m aware of), it’s based on a “steps and lanes.” [For readers unfamiliar with the concept, it’s similar to the “grade and step” scale of the U.S. Government:

    I once went to a public meeting at which a local teacher complained that he had not received a raise in 3 years. When someone asked him a question, he allowed that he had in fact received longevity pay increases. What he had means is that the pay scale itself had not changed—though his pay HAD in fact increased.


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