Bad Lies Book Review

Bad Lies: A Field Guide to Lost Balls, Missing Links, and Other Golf Mishaps
by Charles Lindsay

Grade: B+

In his latest golf book (the original was Lost Balls: Great Holes, Tough Shots, and Bad Lies) , photographer Charles Lindsay has put together an amusing collection of photos loosely based on the theme of … Bad Lies. Inside are more than a hundred photos of golfers in bad spots, balls in difficult lies, imposing holes and unusual course features. There also are dozens of photos of historical golf balls, from featheries to the gutta percha to the more modern types.

I particularly liked the photo of a ball chewed up by a fox.

The photos are (mostly) amusing, although more than a few had me struggling to find their place in the theme. The text is short, consisting mostly of one-liners regarding various golfing terms, such as:

Away: The golfer whose ball is positioned farthest from the hole is said to be “away.” The Rules of Golf dictate that the player who is away plays first. Also called “out.” The term may also be used of a player at the nineteenth hole who has had a few too many drinks.”

There’s also a forward by the always-funny Gary McCord, who reminisces about some of his more perturbing lies.

It’s not a weighty book, nor will the golfer find any useful information. But there’s too much seriousness in the game anyway. Its often nice to sit back for a lighthearted laugh.

This would make a good Father’s Day gift.

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