Bald Eagle Over Washtenaw

I spotted this bald eagle just after my round this morning. I have not previously seen one in my area of Michigan, and suspect it wandered over from the nearby Huron River.

Perhaps it spotted some victuals at Washtenaw Golf Club, which has a considerable amount of wildlife among its trees and ponds, and along Paint Creek, which runs through it.

Last fall, I spotted a cormorant in one of the Paint Creek ponds at Washtenaw Golf Club. Cormorants eat up to a pound of fish a day, so there must be sufficient supplies in the creek and ponds for a decent meal.

A few years back, I spotted a Bald Eagle while playing golf in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This is the first one I’ve seen in southeastern Michigan, though.

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  1. We spotted a bald eagle at Stonebridge Golf Club in Ann Arbor a few years ago. My only sighting in MI.


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