Ballesteros Stable After Fourth Brain Surgery

Golf legend Seve Ballesteros is in stable condition after yet another operation. According to CNN, this is the fourth operation:

He underwent a first operation on October 14, when a sizable part of the tumor was taken out.

In a second operation, on October 16, a part of his skull was removed—a procedure known as decompressive craniotomy—to allow room for a swelling brain to expand.

Ballesteros then underwent an intricate six and a half hour operation on October 24 to remove what remained of the tumor and reduce the swelling.

A hospital statement on the latest said

“The patient Severiano Ballesteros underwent scheduled surgery for the placement of a cephalorachidian fluid VP shunt,” said the hospital in a statement.

“In the same intervention the medical team has done a cranioplastia to repair a bone defect. His situation is stable and he will remain in the Intensive Care Unit.”

Ballesteros was one of the most brilliant players of his generation, winning three (British) Open Championships and two Masters between 1979 and 1988. As a player and Captain, he helped the Europeans win five Ryder Cups. Ballesteros also managed to find time to win five World Match Play titles.


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