Bandit Non Conforming Golf Balls

Bandit Non Conforming Golf Balls

When (not if) the USGA rolls back the golf balls, I wonder if weekenders will turn to non-conforming balls as an alternative to playing with the deliberately crippled models. It wouldn’t be kosher for a competitive round in a league, or where a bet is on the line, but for a fun weekend, why not? If the golf isn’t fun why are you playing? And if your hitting three shots into every par four, that’s not fun.

I have found quite a few of these Bandit non conforming golf balls on courses over the years, so people are already playing with them.

Once the ball rollback is in place, I think there’s a market position for a company to offer “Limited Flight” and “Regular” versions of their balls. The regular would be balls manufactured under current rules. The “Limited Flight” would be under the new and absurd USGA rules.

I’ll take a box of the “Regular” please.

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