Barron Files Suit

You had to know this was coming: Doug Barron, whom the PGA Tour has accused of using performance enhancing drugs, has filed suit.

More importantly, the article finally tells us what he is accused of taking: testosterone and beta blockers. Both apparently were prescribed by doctors for known medical conditions

Barron isn’t the only golfer that we know is taking testosterone for a low testosterone condition. British Open Champion Shaun Micheel has said he is being treated with testosterone for a similar condition.

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3 thoughts on “Barron Files Suit”

  1. I certainly hope we don’t someday soon see PGA players with cap and shirt ads for drug companies promoting medicinal testosterone. But I see using these substances to treat a diagnosed medical condition as different then using them as performance enhancing. Undoubtedly, the results of treating this medical condition with these drugs does also have the effect of favorably influencing golf abilities. Therefore, could allow an advantage for those treated by these meds.

    Zero tolerance for abuse and strict guidelines for the diagnosed medical conditions that permit these meds as treatments must be established, with the input of doctors, Tour officials and players. Banning the drugs in question entirely would discriminate against those players with conditions that require medical treatment…something I doubt many would endorse. And putting heads in the sand over this issue is not the answer, either.

  2. You’re right about all that, Wayne. But you can always find a doctor to write you a prescription for whatever you want. If you want testosterone supplements, all you have to do is to complain of the symptoms—fatigue, loss of strength, weight gain—until you find a doc gives you the stuff.

    Not that Barron or Micheel didn’t legitimately suffer from these. I just don’t know how anyone could police this.


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