Because Golf Makes Everything Better

After their Rose Garden announcement on the escalating tensions with Syria, President Obama and Vice President Biden headed to the golf course.

Because golf makes everything better.

Critics disagree, however:

I’m not an expert in foreign policy, but I can think of a few things a President ought to do after requesting authority for a military strike on a sovereign nation. There are probably some Congressional leaders who ought to be briefed. There are likely one or two world leaders who would appreciate a chat about the US plans. No doubt generals in the military would have a thought or two about how things should proceed.

An hour after announcing a potential new military venture in the Middle East, with unknown consequences, “5 Wood or 2 Iron” is the last thing I want on a President’s mind.

I hate to see golf in the middle of political dogfights.

1 thought on “Because Golf Makes Everything Better”

  1. We’re unlikely to get a resolution to the situation that pleases anybody.  Personally, I think Obama’s decision to pivot to congress and emphasis on how the United States of America makes these decisions, is the best thing that’s happened so far.  Maybe the golf course gave some much needed perspective.  We don’t need to rush this issue and there are several alternatives to war that are as likely to be successful.


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