Become A Scottish Laird

In the grand tradition of the “Star Registry,” a company in Scotland offers the opportunity to become a Scottish Laird by owning a small chunk of Scotland. Small. As in Really Small. For about $50, you can buy a square foot. A thousand square feet will cost you $400.

Highland Titles says that their primary goal is conservation of chunks of the Scottish Highlands:

By splitting the woodland into the ownership of hundreds of different people it ensures that no developer can ever acquire it and use it for their own gain, to the detriment of the area. By planting additional trees, carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere by the process of carbon sequestration. But perhaps most importantly the woodland is home to many species of wildlife, Scottish flora and fauna, and it can be enjoyed by people as an area of peace, quiet, and tranquillity.

Each plot comes with all the necessary paperwork and apparently you can visit your plot if you’re ever in the neighborhood. If you’ve got a large enough piece, you could do a little camping.

I like the idea.

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1 thought on “Become A Scottish Laird”

  1. Not quite as cool as buying that plot on he moon, although this is probably more legal.

    I wouldn’t be interested, if I buy land in Scotland, it will be on the family grounds which the stupid king took away for failing to pay taxes around 1550.  The old house where my forefathers lived fell into ruin bout 300 years ago, but we lived there from about 1100 to 1550.  There is a nice golf course just up the road a mile or so in Kilmacolm.


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