Beer Man A Hit On Champions Tour

I’m sure that you’ve heard by now of Mark Johnson, a former beer delivery man who’s hit it big on the Champions Tour. For 25 years, Mark made his beer deliveries through the Mojave Desert. Now, with a victory and $600,000 in earnings, he sits at number 24 on the Champions Tour money list.

Only in America.

There’s an article in the Houston Chronicle.

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  1. I caddied for Mark Johnson in 1994 US Amatuer at TPC Sawgrass in Ponde Vedra ( Jacksonville Burb ). He was 40 and I was employee on leave from major Ins. Company. I caddied for 4 days for Mark. Two practice rounds and two stoke play rounds in tournament. He shot 75-75 and did not make cut. He was to pay me 25 a day ( I was blind draw in caddy pool). He paid me 50 dollars a day and offered to carry bag if i got tired. I was 47 at the time and during lulls in practice rounds we talked about life. The ups and downs and this guy was so down to earth. It was a pleasure for this old high handicapper to be involved with this beer driver for BUDWEISER DISTRIBUTOR in Hallandale, Ca. I told all my friends and they just laughed. But this guy could play and I watched the wires for his name in golf and did not see his name again to about 3 years ago I saw a Mark Johnson had played at Pebble Beach or some event on the West coast. I did not know if this was same Mark Johnson or just like name who was a qualifier for this event.

    I think it was Mark under some exemption.

    Bottom line I would love to hear from Mark Johnson and dont know how to contact him. I tried the PGA tour here in the Jacksonville area ( PONTE vEDRA) and my letters and email never got to Mark. So if anyone knows how to contact him please send me his address, phone, or his email address to Mike Ivey at email MIKEMIKEIVEY@AOL.COM OR CELL 904-403-4494..


    Mike Ivey
    Jacksonville, FLorida


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