Beltology Leather Belt Review

Beltology Leather Belt Review

Beltology Leather Belt Review

Beltology Leather Belt
Grade A
Teacher’s Comments: Sharp looking and comfortable

Beltology makes a nice line of flexible woven fabric and leather belts. I have previously reviewed one of  Beltology’s fabric belts and they graciously sent one of their leather line for consideration.

The woven leather belt is very sharp-looking, and just the thing for a day at the office followed by a round of golf. The belt stretches and flexes nicely with movement, and yet remains taut enough to hold up a pair of pants. Even better: because of the weave, there are no preset holes. You simply poke the tab through the belt at whatever length is appropriate.

The belt is around 1.25 inches wide and is 0.2 inches thick. The buckle is brushed nickel.

The belts are made in New York City.

I was worried at first that the leather, which appears to be wrapped around elastic cord, would fray and start to separate upon extended use. I have another woven belt that — after a few months wear — began to fray and “unweave.” Thus, I delayed this Beltology review until I could get several months of wear to see what would happen.

The verdict: after much use, the belt still appears new. The photo above was taken, not when when I received the Beltology belt, but after several months of wear and tear. Very impressive.

If you are like me, and of the opinion that no adult male should leave the house without a belt, then I highly recommend the Beltology products. If you are the sort who finds yourself adjusting your belt several times a day, then I highly recommend the Beltology products. And if you just want a good looking belt, then I highly recommend the beltology products.

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  1. There are a few ways to stretch your leather belt that you can try. Method 1 – Add more weight. Method 2: Create 1 more hole. Method #3: Soak in warm water. Method 4: isopropyl alcohol.Method 5: Stretch the leather with heat. Method 6: Place in the freezer. Method 7: Use leather stretching products


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