Ben Hogan Gives A Lesson

A rare treat, and one I’ve not seen before: Ben Hogan gives a golf tip. That swing is amazing.

3 thoughts on “Ben Hogan Gives A Lesson”

  1. Notice how the right elbow sits on the right hip and the hip “drags” the elbow around and through. And, he goes from kinda a crouch with a bent left knee to an upright finish as he hits the ball by straightening the left leg (not pulling up the arms). And, when combined with the incredible “lag”…that is one powerful swing, don’t you think? And is it not remarkable his knee stood up to the thousands and thousands of balls he hit?

    Hogan’s high hands finish reminds me of Tiger in 2000. Good balance and control. On occasion, when I do this by accident, it is a feeling like the club is pulling the hands through the ball and out then up. The hands are just along for the ride, passive I guess is what they talk about. I really wish I could repeat it, but I still don’t know how I do it when it happens.

  2. It’s amazing, isn’t it. I, too sometimes hit a ball where I feel that I have pulled this off. But alas, it’s too far between.


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