Bermuda Sands Golf Polo Review

Bermuda Sands Golf Polo Review
Bermuda Sands Hemingway Golf Polo

Bermuda Sands Golf Polo Review

Bermuda Sands Hemingway Shirt
Grade: A
Teachers’s Comments; Beautiful and comfortable

Bermuda Sands offers a nice line of men’s and women’s golf lifestyle apparel. Their pieces include polos and outerwear for men; for women, they have sleeveless and short-sleeve shirts, skorts, and outerwear. The company also has a water-repellent STORM DRI collection. As the name Bermuda Sands suggests, all of the pieces have what I would call a “beach resort” vibe.

The polo I received for review is the “Hemingway,” which comes in deep violet, sky blue and a grey they call “iron.” Obviously, I got the one in violet. The fabric sports a  rich floral design which manages to look tropical, without being gaudy (unlike an “Hawaiian” shirt). For me, it says “relaxation” and “vacation” without implying that I’m trying out for a part in “Middle Aged Dads Gone Wild.”

The fabric is lightweight and silky to the touch. Walking a challenging golf course (in the sense that there were a lot of elevation changes) in the middle of a hot and muggy Michigan afternoon, I found that the Bermuda Sands Hemingway polo was just the right weight.

The Bermuda Sands Hemingway’s cut was just to my taste. I prefer a slightly looser fit for more free movement of the upper body and arms. But I also don’t like a lot of extra fabric, as was the fashion in golf polos of the early 90s. The Hemingway hit the happy medium I look for. The fabric is also a little stretchy for some more give.

Bermuda Sands’ XP fabrics have moisture management and UV protection.

Fit and finish are excellent. Mrs GolfBlogger, an accomplished seamstress, and self-described “fabric snob,” gives the Bermuda Sands polo two thumbs up.

Bermuda Sands has an interesting back story. Founded in 2009 by third-generation apparel makers in North Carolina, the company controls their process from start to finish. Bermunda Sands does the designs and sources the material in the United States, and then manufacture the product in their own factory in Central America. What you get from Bermuda Sands, then, is something a little more cohesive than usual.


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