Bermuda Sands Noda Pullover Review

Bermuda Sands Noda Pullover Review
The GolfBlogger modeling the Bermuda Sands Noda pullover.

Bermuda Sands Noda Pullover Review

Bermuda Sands Noda Pullover
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: A perfect cover when temperatures are in the 40s and 50s.

Dedicated golfers in Michigan don’t hang up their cleats when the temperatures fall. They just change their clothing choices. Shorts give way to trousers. Shirtsleeves are supplemented by vests, then sweatshirts and other pullovers. Baseball caps are swapped out for stocking hats. One glove becomes two.

Bermuda Sands recently sent me one of their Noda pullovers for review, and I am very glad that they did. On a number of recent days with the temperatures in the 50s, I found that the Bermuda Sands Noda was the perfect layer for a comfortable round.

The Bermuda Sands Noda is a long-sleeve, quarter zip pullover. On the outside, the material is smooth and silky — a result, apparently, of the DWR water resistant finish. I have not had a chance to test the Bermuda Sands Noda in any sort of rain, but the company is specific about it being “water resistant” and not “water proof.” My estimation is that it would be a good piece to wear on a day when damp fog or occasional mist was in the forecast.

On the inside, the Noda is a soft and warm brushed microfleece. With temperatures in the upper 40s on a recent round, I was quite comfortable in just a polo and the Bermuda Sands Noda. I was, frankly, surprised that such a lightweight piece could be so warm. My guess is, though, that I’d want a different cover as temperatures got down into the lower 40s. Folk used to warmer temperatures, such as those in Florida who put on coats when the temperatures “plunge” into the 70s, will no doubt find the Noda useful across a wider range of temperatures.

Bermuda Sands’ Noda has a relatively loose fit, with plenty of room for shoulder turn and follow-through. It was never binding, but also managed to avoid being bulky. I never felt it ride up, or get in the way. In general, I prefer a looser fit to clothes, so players looking for a tighter, more “European” fit may want to look elsewhere.

Fit and finish on the Noda are excellent. Mrs GolfBlogger, an accomplished seamstress, and self-described “fabric snob,” gives the Bermuda Sands polo two thumbs up.

Bermuda Sands has an interesting back story. Founded in 2009 by third-generation apparel makers in North Carolina, the company controls their process from start to finish. Bermunda Sands does the designs and sources the material in the United States, and then manufacture the product in their own factory in Central America. What you get from Bermuda Sands, then, is something a little more cohesive than usual.

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