Bermuda Sands Rosalia Women’s Top Review

Bermuda Sands Rosalia Women's Top Review

Bermuda Sands Rosalia Women’s Top Review

Bermuda Sands Rosalia Women’s Sleeveless Top
Grade: A
Mrs. GolfBlogger’s Comments: I love the fabric, the colors and the fit.

Along with a selection of men’s shirts, Bermuda Sands recently sent one of their Rosalia women’s tops for Mrs. GolfBlogger to review. While not a dedicated golfer, Mrs. GolfBlogger is the athletic sort who does a lot of bicycling, yoga, boating and skiing. She also is a very talented seamstress and a self-described “fabric snob.”

For this review, I pass on her comments about the Bermuda Sands’ Rosalia Women’s Top.

First, however, a few general items about Bermuda Sands, and their XP fabrics: Bermuda Sands was founded in 2009 by third-generation apparel makers in North Carolina. The company controls their process from start to finish. Bermuda Sands designs and sources the material in the United States, and then manufactures the product in their own factory in Central America. What you get from Bermuda Sands, then, is something a little more cohesive than usual.

The XP fabrics from Bermuda Sands incorporate both moisture management and UV protection in a great-feeling, and colorful fabric. For the Rosalia Women’ Sleeveless top, the fabric is a 92% polyester, 8% spandex.

From the number of times that Mrs. GolfBlogger has worn the top since it arrived, I can attest that the Rosalia is one of her new favorite pieces. She has worn it biking, to the gym and just hanging around the cottage on the lake in Northern Michigan.

Mrs. GolfBlogger says that she loves the feel of the fabric, and thinks the design is perfect. It works well as an athletic top, but also for casual wear. Bermuda Sands’ Rosalia sleeveless top fits very neatly into the apparel category known as “athleisure.”

The Rosalia has a striated pattern fabric front and back. Mesh on the shoulders makes it look a little more athletic. The collar and zipper have splashes of bold color. The placket is quarter zip.

I will add that I think the cut is quite flattering (but then again, I’m particularly biased in this).

Recommended by Mrs. GolfBlogger.

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The Bermuda Sands Rosalia Women’s Top Review was first published on August 31, 2017 on GolfBlogger.Com


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