Best Golf Movies Yet To Be Made

As a follow up to my post on the Best Golf Movies, I decided to make a list of the best golf movies yet to be made. I’ve come up with titles, and a quick plot summary.

The Haig:
A biopix of Walter Hagen. Walter Hagen invents the concept of the professional golfer as he wines and dines his way around the world, wining major championships and losing wives. Hagen as appeared as a character in several recent golf films, including Bagger Vance, Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius and The Greatest Game Ever Played.

A biopix of Payne Stewart. Professional golfer known for his troubles and temper finds peace with his family and religion, wins the US Open and suffers an untimely death.

Slammin Sammy
A biopix of Sam Snead — a hayseed from western Virginia who learns golf playing with sticks and rocks goes on to become the winningest golfer of all time.

Babe Didrikson Zaharias wins Olympic gold, then goes on to win 82 tournaments as a professional golfer. She was just 42 when she died of cancer in 1956. sure to be a tearjerker.

Fairway To Heaven
Or a film adaptation of any other of Roberta Isleib’s novels about mystery solving journeyman golfer Cassie Burdette.

From the novel by A.B. Hollingsworth about a group of guys who grow up together in Oklahoma and go on to win the state golf title. Think Hoosiers for golf.

The King and Queen
A love story about Arnold Palmer and his beloved Winnie.

Leave a comment and let me know how you’d cast these. Or offer your own movie suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Best Golf Movies Yet To Be Made”

  1. Babe is actually a movie from the 1970’s that pretty much is everything you state in the post above. It’s worth checking out.

  2. Smetty … I had forgotten that I had written that post. I have since seen the Babe movie. It was a made-for-tv affair, that I thought was pretty good. I still would like to see it get the full big screen treatment, though.


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