Best Snow Shovel Ever


Garant YPSS26 Yukon 27-1/2-Inch Ergonomic Sleigh Shovel Poly Scoop Steel Wear Strip and Ergonomic Steel Handle

We got another six inches of the evil white stuff yesterday and it occurred to me that some of my readers in the warmer climes might not know what to do when it piles up in their driveways.

Plan A: Get a teenager to shovel. Preferably one of your own brood, so it gets done for free.
Plan B: Get a snowblower. But that’s probably overkill if you only need it once or twice.
Plan C: Get one of these Sleigh Shovels.

I have A as my first option, but I send Thing One out with this Sleigh Shovel. It’s a marvel. No lifting, no strained back, reduced possibility of heart attack. You just use your leg muscles to shove it forward through the snow and it moves it about like a plow on a dump truck. When it fills up, you slide it about and push it up into the yard. A slight tip dumps the contents and you can go back for more.

Thing One was sick yesterday, so I had to go out and do the job myself. Thing Two just doesn’t yet have the size. But with the Sleigh Shovel, I was done in about a quarter of the time it would have taken with a shovel, and I didn’t strain a thing.

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4 thoughts on “Best Snow Shovel Ever”

  1. Sigh … it is a sad day in Michigan when the topic, “Best Snow Shovel Ever”, is totally appropriate.  The golf juices were really flowing last week; now they are but a faint memory.


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