Betting Props On Tiger For 2010 Masters Are Insane

I frequently check the odds for various sporting events at Bodog for advice on the various fantasy sports games that I play. I don’t have time to do all the research myself, but I know that serious bettors do, and that the odds are based on the way the money is flowing. So I rely on the collective wisdom of all those people doing varying degrees of research—crowdsourcing the predictions, if you will. It actually works fairly well for me—I usually average around 70% using this method.

As I visited this morning to check the odds for the Shell Houston Open, I happened to scroll further down on Bodog’s golf page to discover a huge list of betting props centering around Tiger Woods and his return at the 2010 Masters. Apparently some people will bet on anything:

How Many Majors Will Tiger Win in 2010?
Will Tiger lead after Round 1 of the Masters?
Will Tiger Woods Get A Hole in One at the Masters?
Will Tiger Woods make the cut?
What will his first round score be at the Masters?
What color hat will Tiger Woods in round one of the first tournament of his return?
Will Tiger Woods be heckled after addressing the ball and step away during the 2010 Masters?
Will Any sponsor except Nike run a Tiger Woods Commercial?
Where Will Tiger Finish?
What will be Tiger’s lowest scoring round?
Will Tiger ever have the outright lead?
Will Tiger’s opening tee shot land on the fairway?
Will Elin Nordgren be seen on camera at the Masters
Will Tiger wear a different color shirt each day?

I have a few other suggestions:

Will Tiger fling a club?
Will Tiger get caught uttering an obscenity on television?
Will any of Tiger’s paramours show up at the course?
What percentage of the broadcast time will be dedicated to Tiger? (80%+ vs 79% or less)

And more seriously:

Will Tiger par or better on his first hole?

What bets would you like to see as a prop?

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7 thoughts on “Betting Props On Tiger For 2010 Masters Are Insane”

  1. Wow Pappy- I hadn’t thought of that one.  I would bet against him being there, at least for Thursday and Friday.

    But I will get in on the how many majors – 1.5—the PGA, and the little major, The Players.

    And a bet I would like to make is Who wins more majors in 2010: Els or Woods.  I will take Els.

    I need some stronger odds, and I won’t bet much money, but I would want to bet on Freddie winning more majors than Woods (or if I get to count Champions tour majors, I will take even money and even give Woods a major)

  2. Apparently Ladbrokes are taking bets on Tiger kissing an anonymous blonde on the first tee (although a spokesman for Ladbrokes said it didn’t include John Daly!) I’m not too sure of the odds but I’m not going to waste any of my money on that one

  3. Elapsed time between when Tiger reaches the first tee box and a patron is ejected by security for heckling Tiger.

  4. My question : is “get in the hole” a heckle or a cheer?  What if someone says “get in the ho” can they claim it was the other?


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