Big Max Aqua Sport 2 Golf Bag Review

Big Max Aqua Sport 2 Golf Bag Review
Big Max Aqua Sport 2 Golf Bag Review

Big Max Aqua Sport 2 Golf Bag Review

Big Max Aqua Sport 2 Golf Bag
Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: A great bag for both push- and power golf carts. Waterproof. Spacious.

Big Max Aqua Sport 2 Golf Bag Review
Big Max Aqua Sport 2 Golf Bag

Big Max is a well-established European golf trolley and bag company that since 2014 has been making inroads into the US markets. They are perhaps most famous for the fold-flat push carts that are the number one seller in Europe.

I have been intrigued by the Big Max product line for some time, and thus was pleased when the company recently sent one of their new Aqua Sport 2 Bags for review. I have tested it for several weeks as a push cart bag on rounds here in Michigan.

My verdict is that the Big Max Aqua is a great golf bag. Relatively lightweight at five pounds, it is nonetheless very sturdy. The waterproof fabric feels quite durable. I have no doubt that this bag will last a very long time.

The Big Max Aqua Sport 2 is also spacious. There is a 14-way, 9.5 inch organizer top, which has an oversized putting well. My Heavy Putter with its extra large grip fits without complaint. Rubberized handles on the sides make the Big Max Aqua very easy to pick up.

Side pockets on the Big Max Aqua 2 are large enough to fit a lot of gear. In the photo at top, the saddle pockets are stuffed with two differently weighted jackets, a rain jacket, rain pants, a camera tripod and a Canon EOS 80D camera. Plenty of room, and they don’t bulge.

If you’re going to play golf in Michigan in the shoulder seasons, you need to be prepared for sudden shifts in weather. Rain can magically appear. Winds blow hard then the air becomes still. The sun blazes, then two holes later hides behind clouds. A day can start out at 70 degrees and finish at 40. I often find myself shifting between vest-light jacket-heavy jacket-back to vest to keep the temperature comfortable.

Big Max Aqua Sport 2 Golf Bag Review
Big Max Aqua Sport 2 Zipper Detail

Smaller side pockets on the Big Max Aqua 2 are big enough for my wallet, keys, pocket knife, cigar lighters, extra divot tools and all the other stuff I push about.

The front has a cooler pocket and two lower pockets. The cooler pocket is, in my opinion, a bit small, but it does hold a coffee thermos or mid sized water bottle neatly. There’s not much room for more, though. I fit a dozen or more golf balls in the front pockets of the Big Max Aqua 2. In Michigan in the fall, you need to stock a lot of cheap balls, as even shots in the middle of the fairway can become hopelessly lost under blowing leaves.

Big Max Aqua Sport 2 Golf Bag Review
Big Max Aqua Sport 2 waterproofing

The collar of the Big Max Aqua 2 has three loops for hooking towels and other accessories. I firmly believe that you can never have too many hooks and loops.

Not surprisingly, given its pedigree, The Big Max Aqua 2 works wonderfully in a push cart. The squarish shape sits securely in the cart,and does not twist left or right as it bounces over rougher terrain. Rounder bags have a tendency to turn on their sides in my cart, requiring frequent correction. As a manufacturer of both trolleys and bags, they have this down to a science.

A big selling point of the Big Max Aqua 2 is that it is 100% waterproof. The fabric sheds water like a champ. I got caught in one of those sudden rain showers last week; everything in the bag stayed dry. For those who are into other outdoor sports and know about such things, the fabric is rated at 10,000 mm, which means that it can withstand 10,000 mm of rainfall in a single day without letting moisture in. If you have ever worn a rainsuit that keeps water out for the first couple hours but then becomes soaked, you know the pain of fabric with a lesser rating.

Several other features add to the bag’s waterproof nature. First, the zippers are specially designed to be waterproof, with neat little rubber caps that prevent water from coming in at the top where the two sides meet. The seams on the bag are all sealed.  Finally, it features a clear rain hood with dual zippers for access from both sides of the bag.

I like this bag a lot, and have retired my old bag in favor of this one.


AQUA Sport 2 – $299.99, available in Black/silver, Charcoal/Black/Red, Silver/Black/Cobalt, Red/Black/Silver, Navy/Black/Silver

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