Big Bertha 454 Driver

I’m doing my taxes right now on the computer and taking a break by cruising the golf sites—dreaming about what I’m going to do with the rebate. I keep coming back to this one: the Big Bertha 454 Driver.

It’s a beautiful looking club. Here’s Callaway’s official blurb:

Maximized weighting along the back ribbon of the club makes it ultra-resistant to twisting and deadly accurate off the tee. Massive two-piece, 454cc all-titanium clubhead construction for a high Moment of Inertia with more resistance to twisting on off-center hits. Huge effective hitting area on the club face for more forgiveness. Patented Callaway Golf technologies include Short Straight Hollow Hosel (S2H2) design that repositions weight from the hosel area to the perimeter. Plus, Thru-Bore technology provides improved feel and club head control. Lightweight, ultrathin titanium face designed right up to the new USGA Characteristic Time (CT) test.

I’m interested in what you have to say. Add your review by clicking on the Comments link below.”

Find the Callaway Big Bertha 454 Driver at Global Golf

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2 thoughts on “Big Bertha 454 Driver”

  1. Hit one today at our local demo day. I didn’t care for it. I didn’t hit it as well as my Great Big Berta with a custom shaft.

    Meanwhile, I DID buy a new set of X-18 irons.

  2. I love my 454… I used to play 35-40 rounds a year and recently just started golfing after 5 years off… I used to hit a extra stiff flex driver and used to hit it fairly well (270-300 yards) only on the fairway 4-5 times a round… I just bought the 454 driver reg flex and started golfing again and I am hiting 90% of the fairways, driving the green on par 4’s and hitting the ball an avg of 280 STRAIGHT! when I went to the store to purchase the club I hit at least 15 different drivers and the 454 was hands down the most consistent and I would recomend this driver to anyone and everyone


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