Big Bertha Alpha Driver: The Legend Is Back—And Then Some


Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Alpha Driver

After an extended absence, Big Bertha is back.

The new fully adjustable Big Bertha Alpha allows players to adjust spin independently from launch angle, for optimized ball flight and longer distances. The Gravity core allows players to adjust from an extreme low spin driver to a mid spin model. The adjustable hosel allows adjustments from +2 degrees up to -1 degree down. Finally, adjustable weights let players create a directional bias for a Draw or Neutral shot shape.

The driver also has a Hyper Speed face design that’s supposed to increase ball speed on shots hit across the face, which is 8% larger than the RAZR Fit Xtreme. A forged composite crown saves 20 grams in weight, which is what allows the “Gravity Controlling Adjustability” to work.

What I like about this is the notion of controlling spin—and in particular, dialing it down. I suffer from a spin rate that is too high for my own good.

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