Bill Haas’ Game Changing Water Shot

An incredible moment from Sunday’s Tour Championship.

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4 thoughts on “Bill Haas’ Game Changing Water Shot”

  1. I too thought Bill was done at this point, but I am not sure why I thought that.  I was called Mudcat by one of the guys in my group, because I will go in the water and get covered a fairly high percentage of the time (3 of the 4 possible times for this year) – I am probably about 50% payoff, but I am not a pro.  Given this situation, I would have been fairly high percentage of getting it on the green.  And everyone talked about the stop, but the mud and water on the ball actually promote more stop – I think coming out of this, it is a quicker stop than from sand a huge percentage of the time. 

    Still Haas did it when it counted and that is huge.  I almost think that his 2nd shot from Playoff hole 1 was even more key. 

    And it certainly looks like the water shot threw Hunter.  Mahan had about the same bunker shot on Playoff 1 and 3, and in 3 he just let it run out too much. 

    I also think Mahan had a giant brain fart on that last bunker shot.  He didn’t dig his feet in, and when he took his shot, you can see some slip from his right foot. 

    I almost missed all of this.  After my round yesterday I headed to my parents house instead of going home to see them.  They don’t have HD, but they do have the east/west networks on their directv.  As I got to their house, the storm sirens started blowing, and sure enough the local NBC had switched to what I call “weathergasm” – full on radar for about 90 minutes or so.  At home, there would have been no golf except perhaps online.  Luckily we could watch NBC out of New York, to see this playoff.  (and the Tornado warnings passed without incident).


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