Bio Friendly Tees


Zarma FLYtee Combo Pack

Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: Durable—yet somehow biodegradable at the same time.

While it is technically true that wooden tees are biodegradable, lord knows how long it will take the lacquered little spindles to break down to earth friendly components. And as for the plastic ones—forget it.

The Champs FLYtees on the other hand, are both durable and biodegradable. Champs says that the tees are made with a “bio-agent additive that enables microorganisms to metabolize plastic into humus, which actually benefits the environment. “

I can attest to their durability—they are much tougher than the usual wooden models. They’ve also got an interesting six pronged top that’s supposed to reduce friction and increase distance. I have no idea whether that is in fact true, but it certainly makes sense.

I like them.

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