Birdie Ball

I bought a Birdie Ball the other day at a local golf shop for $1.95. It is a small plastic tube with beveled edges. You set it up with the open ends facing the ground and the sky. Then you hit it like a normal golf ball. The thing tumbles end over end with a reverse spin, just like a golf ball, has a nice arcing flight and lands a short distance away. I hit it with a sand wedge a few times and it flew the width of my back yard. The manufacturer claims that the maximum flight is about 40 yards.

Even better: you can fade and draw (or hook and slice) this thing just like a regular ball. My son says that it makes different sounds depending upon which way you hit it. (I’m quite deaf, so I’ll have to take his word for it).

All in all, a first rate product. Much better than those plastic balls because it actually feels like you are hitting a real ball.

Buy the BirdieBall here.

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7 thoughts on “Birdie Ball”

  1. I just got some birdieballs for Father’s Day, and I love them.  I’ve got just enough room in my back yard to use them, and I also go to an athletic field at a nearby school, which has more room.

    They feel like you’re hitting a real ball.  Only downside is you can’t drive without a special tee (looks like a foam wedge, I’m going to try to dummy up my own), and you need short grass.  I bought two regular astroturf doormats at a store.  I stand on one and hit off the other.

    I love these things.  Lots of fun, great feedback.

  2. Wow,

    Birdieballs are way cool!.  They respond like golf balls, but you don’t have to chase them.  The birdieballs I have have 4 different colors but so we can tell who’s ball is whose when we are playing a birdieball course through the park.  The birdietargets set up quick and the little backstop knocks the ball down, so you can actually finish a hole by chipping the birdieball into to backstop. 

    They are durable.  No breakage, even when we drove over it.

    The strikepad hitting mat also shows how you should swing the club. 

    Great product!  Simply brilliant

  3. I was googling and saw this strange looking thing called the BirdieBall.  At first I thought it was crazy, but then I watched the videos on the birdieball website.  Wow, I had to have some.
    I also read the other blogs on this website, which convinced me to buy the product and give the birdie ball a test run.  I only bought one sleeve, but it was the glow in the dark version.  They worked way better than I had hoped and we started hitting them back and forth to each other.  When evening came, we just kept going, we cracked the glow sticks and put them into the BirdieBall for an amazing night game of catch.  The birdieballs look like meteorites flying down from the heavens.  What an awesome experience.  I went to their website and am pasting in how they describe it. “BirdieBall® by Birdie Ball Inc. is the best golf training aid invented this century! That’s a bold statement, but golf coaches and PGA golf instructors around the world agree, and have voted it the PGA, Product of the Year in Orlando! It is a limited flight practice golf ball without limited feel. True feel with a long hang time, golf ball-like, trajectory! But it only flies 40 yards, so you have your own backyard driving range. Take a full swing. Draw it Fade it. Grab a buddy, get 40 yards apart and hit them back and forth. You wont believe the turbine sound created by the high rate of reverse spin. It’s very durable, in fact Pro Series Birdie Balls won’t break like perforated practice balls or wiffleballs.”  Good Stuff for the golf junkie.

  4. This has to be the perfect invention for golf. I seen a video on youtube and knew i had to have some. I called the local golf shop and ran over and bought the last box. I dont have a strikepad yet but hitting off of low cut grass isnt bad. The most amazing thing about this is the feedback. That is something that you cant get with any other product, including that golf ball on a rope thing. You actually get to watch the ball fly and you know exactly what a real golf ball would have done. Its perfect for people like me who are trying to work a nasty slice out. I can tinker and change things without having to spend a ton of money at a driving range. This product is well worth the money.

  5. I just got the birdieballs a couple weeks ago and I absolutely love them. I feel the same way about the feel of the ball. I find it very intriguing about the technology that they had to go through to make it feel like a golf ball and have it fly like one and you being able to use it indoors and outdoors.


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