Bivens Talks About Younger Players Entering LPGA

While at the LDT, LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bievens spoke about the coming influx of younger players onto the tour:

First of all, this is not just an LPGA issue. This is a sports issue. The LPGA isn’t the first to deal with that. There are actually other organizations that we think have more experience. We think it’s time that we look collectively across sports and talk about the issues, and talk about the experience that we have. In all of the cases, it’s not just looking at whether a 12-, 13- or 14-year-old is capable of shooting 4 or 5 under par. Or is capable of, you know, handling a basketball season for a few games. There are a lot of other issues in terms of the psychological maturity and a number of other factors. In all cases, when we get these phenoms, when they come to the professional ranks, what you want is that they transition in successfully, and that they are there for a long time. And there has been too many experiences, and sort of one-offs, if you will, where young people have turned professional and their sports have lost them over the course of the few years.

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