Bizarre Golf Club Death

Not a week goes by without there being a report in the news about someone who has been injured—or killed with a golf club or cart. Sometimes it’s an accident; other times, its a criminal assault. Fortunately, only rarely is it associated with the actual playing of the game.

A recent case in Boston is one of the strangest I’ve read about. Apparently, a teen found a golf club on the street and hit a fire hydrant with it. The club snapped, and a piece stabbed him in the neck. He died a short time later.


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  1. I heard about a situation in a nearby Arkansas town where a guy was drinking this beam and coke in a large gulp mug, when he pulled next to the green while his partner was chipping over a tree there.  The ball got caught in the tree limbs, then trickled down on top of the guys cart.  He started out of the cart, holding his big gulp mug and the ball rolled off the top of his cart, falling right into the mug, but the guy was so drunk, he didn’t know it.  He took a big gulp from his mug and the golfball got lodged in his throat.  He dropped the mug on the ground and stumbled onto the green, gasping for breath.  His partner, not knowing what was wrong, but realizing the guy was gagging, quickly performed the heimlick move on the guy and the ball popped out onto the green landing about 12 inches from the hole and the guy recovered.  Only problem is, his buddy, who hit the shot, was laughing so hard, he missed the 12 inch par put for a bogey.


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