Black Lake Golf Photos and Mini Review

I’ve just published some photos from my trip to Michigan’s Black Lake Golf Course. It’s a fabulous track, and well worth the high ratings it gets from all the golf magazines. Every hole is fun; every hole is a postcard. A full review/appreciation is forthcoming.

A couple of quick notes, however: First, while the course is owned by the UAW (United Auto Workers), it’s open to everyone, even if you do drive a foreign car. You can just drive your Toyota right up to the clubhouse, drop off your clubs and park in the lot. There are no Union goons to say a word. If it didn’t say UAW all over the place, you’d never know the difference.

Second. The price on this course is absolutely right—maybe even ridiculously low. It’s $75 on the weekdays in the summer and $85 on the weekends—with cart. You absolutely will not be disappointed.

You can see the photos of Black Lake Golf Course here.

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