Maxfli Black Max Golf Ball Review

Over the winter, I received a surprise package from Maxfli. Inside was a box of their new Black Max Golf Ball with the words “Prototype” on the box (see the photo).

It was then that I knew that The Golf Blogger had arrived.  wink

I’m sure that the intention was that I try the balls early in the season and then report to you before their official release.

Unfortunately, I live in Michigan. It’s only been in the last couple of weeks that I’ve been able to get out on the course. And now, the ball is out in a regular box.

So I’ve lost my exclusive. But I’ve played the Black Max golfball for five of the seven rounds I’ve gotten in.

And I like it. I get decent distance with it (although I don’t think as much as with my DT SoLos) and it flies straight (I had a round where I hit every fairway). The distance issue is, no doubt due to my slower swing speed. It’s a high end ball for higher swing speeds.

I’ve also been able to get a lot of spin for those wedge shots (ok, except on the nightmare round of last week). It stops on a dime, and I actually backed it up twice.

And—to me—most important of all, I like the way it rolls with my putter.

This last is always the key for me. To be frank, it really doesn’t matter if a ball gives me five or six more yards off the tee; I’m going to be hitting a longer club than most to the green. (No driver-wedge holes for me. Its more driver-seven wood.)

But when I get near the green, my game gets going. And once I get it on the green, my putting will save my round more often than not.

So, for me, a ball’s behavior when putting is critical.

The Black Max has a good feel and it rolls true. I’ve heard that it makes a “different” sound when struck, but being quite deaf, this makes no difference to me at all.

I think that this ball compares very favorably to other high end balls like Titleist’s Pro V. But in the end, I think that you’ve got to have a higher swing speed to take advantage of it.

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