Bobby Jones Crawford XH2O Quarter Zip Pullover Review

bobby jones-6376Bobby Jones Crawford XH2O Quarter Zip Pullover Review

Bobby Jones Crawford Quarter Zip pullover
Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: It is now my go-to cover for cooler weather. Stylish and comfortable.

Here in Michigan, cool/cold weather golf season usually runs from mid-September to the first of May. I’ll play any time a local course is open (which is usually on any day when the snow is not on the greens), so I have become an expert in cool weather golf apparel. Remember the old Boy Scout saying: There is no such thing as bad weather; just bad clothing choices.

The Bobby Jones Crawford Quarter Zip pullover is now my go-to outerwear on days when the temperatures range from 40 to 60 degrees (any warmer than the 60s, and I’m usually playing in short sleeves; if you’re not as hardy, it should be good into the 70s).  The Crawford Quarter Zip’s fabric material is of a weight that retains heat and keeps out the wind, while still breathing enough to keep you dry. That’s important, because moisture against the skin is a killer.


The material is 94% polyester 6% spandex, which makes the Bobby Jones Crawford Quarter Zip soft, light, and slightly stretchy. The cut of the pullover is loose enough to allow a full, unrestricted swing, while not feeling baggy. I particularly like the raglan style sleeves, which prevents pulling across the shoulders (a raglan is a sleeve that extends in a single piece to the collar with a diagonal seam where it attaches).

bobby jones top-1040321
Playing in temperatures in the upper 30s, with a steady wind. With a vest underneath the Bobby Jones Crawford Quarter Zip, I was plenty warm.

The cuffs and bottom of the sleeves are open. That is not usually my favorite style, but in the Crawford XH2O’s case, the cut is such that neither flops around. In most instances, I just pull the sleeves up my forearm a little before taking a swing. The fabric has enough elasticity that it stays in place.

There is a zip pocket on the chest, but I have found that it is really too small for anything other than perhaps a small divot tool.

Fit and finish on the Bobby Jones pullover is excellent. Mrs. GolfBlogger, an accomplished seamstress who critically examines every piece of apparel I get, gave it her full approval.

I am really pleased to have this Bobby Jones Crawford Quarter Zip pullover in my bag. It is a very versatile piece of golf apparel. I started one round wearing the Crawford and my battery-heated vest, then shed the vest as the sun warmed things up. That was fine until the temperature got to the 60s, when I went to shirt sleeves. A heavier pullover would have forced me to make a choice of too warm or too cold; a lighter one would have required yet another layer (with accompanying swing restrictions).

Highly recommended.

The Bobby Jones Crawford XH2O Quarter Zip Pullover Review was first published April 12, 2016

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