Bombtech Golf Wedges

Bombtech Golf Wedges



Bombtech Wedges

An up-and-coming company known mostly for its drivers, Bombtech also has these nice looking wedges. They feature:

  • PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE: Golf wedge grooves designed to maximize golf ball spin! Ideal wedge design with large club face that results in easy to hit golf shots that stay on the green.
  • BUILT-TO-LAST: Performance, value, and quality that other golf brands can’t match! Each golf wedge is manufactured with high-quality stainless steel and then hand-finished with professional grade polish and paint fill that is designed to last.
  • PREMIUM FEEL: Weighted club heads with quality golf grips provide an easy-to-swing golf wedge club that feels pure at impact.
  • BROAD USE: Having a 52 56 and 60 golf wedge kit allows you to hit from sand traps, tall grass, short grass, tight lies, approach shots, chips, bump-and-runs, high lofts, low lofts, and stick it close to the pin.
  • UNIQUE STYLE: Classic golf wedge package with a sleek, minimum glare finish for a non-distracting look. Green and white paint fill that catches the eye and stands out in your golf bag.
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