Boo Refuses To Take The Blame For Tiger’s Missed Cut

By holing out on the 18th for a 72, Boo Weekley kept Tiger out of the weekend at the Open Championship.

The top 70 and ties make the cut, and Boo was the 70th man.

“I didn’t know I knocked him out, it wasn’t just me there were 69 other guys in front of him,” Boo said. He was perhaps afraid that The Great One would take it out on him in the next match play event.

1 thought on “Boo Refuses To Take The Blame For Tiger’s Missed Cut”

  1. I don’t really like Boo Weekley but I have to agree with him.  It’s absurd to blame him. Tiger had the same chance as everyone else to make the cut and he couldn’t get it done. How much more evidence do people need to see that Tiger’s game isn’t A?  It isn’t even B. At least Curtis Strange took the brave stance this morning and said that Tiger has issues with his game.


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