Botox May Improve Your Putting

imageA new study suggests that the most dreaded of golf problems—the Yips—may be cured with an injection of botox.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University are taking a look at brainwaves and muscle activity in the hands and wrists. The research follows up on 2001 and 2005 studies by the Mayo Clinic that show that golfers with the yips suffer from “focal dystonia”, a tightening of muscles similar to writer’s cramp.

That’s led to the theory that the yips could be cured by injections of Botox.

When injected in small doses into muscle, the botulism toxin blocks the chemical signals that cause muscles to contract. Botox is the brand name for treatment. The idea is that the muscle spasms that cause the yips could thus be eliminated.

Even better: Botox isn’t on the list of banned performance enhancing substances.

It’s an interesting theory and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s already being used.

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