Brandel Chamblee Says Tiger’s Driver Might As Well Be A Dead Mackeral Wrapped In A Newspaper

Here’s a great quote from Brandel Chamblee on Tiger’s swing.

“I think he’s got way too much going on. It’s a very complicated golf swing that he’s trying to work on, that much fold, shaft lean, the down and the up that he has, the excessive down, the excessive up; you know, his driver might as well be a dead mackerel wrapped in newspaper at the moment. It’s just awful watching him hit that golf club, just awful… So yes, I definitely think Tiger Woods is overcoached.”

He may be right on that, but I don’t think that’s what keeping him out of Majors winning circle. It’s that those miracle putts that destroyed the souls of his opponents just aren’t falling any more. Heck, even the six footers are sometimes looking tenuous.

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