Braun Pulsonic Review

imageBraun Pulsonic System 9595 with LCD Screen

I got one of the new Braun Pulsonic razors for Christmas and am so impressed with it that I thought I’d pass on my recommendation.

I’ve been an electric razor guy all my life. I’ve never thought that playing with a sharp object near my throat when I’m half awake was a good idea. Over the years, I’ve owned Remingtons, Norelcos and Brauns; the Pulsonic is far and away the best razor I’ve ever owned.

The key to the razor seems to be the “pulsonic technology”, which provides 10,000 “microvibrations” per minute. This is supposed to provide more comfort while exposing and cutting more hair. They’ve also borrowed some gadgetry from Gillette, which is supposed to reduce tugging and pulling. And the new foil is supposed to pick up hairs that are growing in different directions.

All I really know is that it works. The Braun Pulsonic sweeps away the stubble with a single pass, leaving behind naught but smooth face. There’s none of the pinching, tugging and occasional tearing that I’ve occasionally had with other razors. Indeed, the shave is so soft, and so smooth that I don’t need to use the electric shave face prep cream that I have always applied.

I actually enjoy shaving with this thing.

Another great feature of the razor is the charging/cleaning dock. When you’re done with a shave, you put the razor into its holder and an onboard computer assesses the power level and cleanliness of the razor. If it needs cleaning, it instructs you to push a button. This causes the station to flush the razor with a cleaning solution that is held in the base. I clean it every couple of shaves, when the lights indicate that it’s at the mid level. (The head also can be cleaned with water, so you don’t have to take the dock with you when you travel.)

The razor is on the expensive side, but I’m convinced that in the long run, the price is comparable, if not cheaper than shaving with razors.

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  1. Hello and thanks for this review, i just bought a panasonic vortec nano and it cut me so now im getting this one.


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