Brazil’s Public Golf Course Threatened

I find it hard to believe that Brazil has just one public golf course, but according to this AP story, it’s about to be destroyed for a highway. (Puts me in mind of the Hitchhiker’s Guide)Ironically, the highway is needed to alleviate traffic in Rio, the city which will host the 2016 Summer Olympics—which will feature the first Olympic golf in 100 years.

Even worse, the public course is known for its public works:

The city of Japeri is last in the state’s human development rankings, and the golf school at the course helps more than 100 poor kids—aged 7 to 17—by providing them with education, food and clothing, along with golf classes. Two times a week they spend half a day at the association and have free access to varied classes and activities. Whyte said there were some 40 kids on a waiting list to participate in the project.

She said the school was key for the future of Brazil’s golf, and that many of the kids who have been with the association are now appearing in Brazil’s junior rankings, becoming players that may end up representing the country when the Olympics finally arrive in 2016.

This can’t be good karma for Rio’s Olympic Golf efforts.

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  1. Wow really? only 1 golf course… it is very interesting to think that we will see golf in the Olympics next go around! I look forward to it


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