Breaking News: Tiger To Return At Match Play

Apparently it’s official: Tiger Woods will return to golf at next week’s Accenture Match Play Championship.

It’s a good time. Since match play events often can end before the first 18 holes, Tiger likely won’t have to play the full 18 in the first couple of rounds. The only difficulty might be the 36 hole finale. It’s also a good choice for him, given that it’s a venue in which he has previous victories. Tiger does very well in repeat situations.

I love match play at any time. The prospect of a returning Tiger just makes it more interesting.

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Tiger To Return At Match Play”

  1. In a related future story – Tiger Woods’ leg falls off on the 12th hole in the final round forcing him to close by winning 6 & 5.

    And in an unrelated sad story (but real) – WMCTV in Memphis reported tonight (and I can’t find a link for this on the web) – that John Daly’s home at Southwind TPC is entering foreclosure.

  2. It’s bothering me that everyone is jumping to that 36 hole final and saying Tiger might have trouble there.  He has to get there first.  If people are going to elevate him to the final without him even hitting a shot, then why not just give him the trophy and check now and not even contest the event?

    I mean really, do authors just publish the last page of their novels?  No.  There’s a whole book that comes along with the final page.

    And regarding John Daly, it’s only sad that he hasn’t gotten his life together despite all of the bad things that have happened to him over the years.  He is the master of his own fate and he could change all of the things that happen to him and around him if he would just get serious and straighten up.


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