Brian Gay’s Three Quarters Swing Deserves A Second Look

With his record setting win this past week at the Verizon Heritage, Brian Gay’s rather unique swing has gotten some attention

From the PGA Tour Blog:

One of the reasons Gay is so accurate is his proper use of the swing plane. Gay is another great example of setting the golf club on plane at the top with a short arm swing. You may have noticed this week at Harbour Town that Gay’s hands only travelled to just above his right shoulder. This position allows Gay to set the golf club in a three-quarter position where the club shaft still points towards the target line. This arrangement of the arm swing and club shaft is a major component on hitting consistent and repetitive golf shots.

Gay just proves that you don’t have to have a Dailyesque swing (have you notice how far past parallel he goes) in order to score well.

Read the entire article for some very good tips.


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