Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Balls

bridgestone extra softBridgestone Extra Soft Golf Balls

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New for 2017 is the Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Ball. The ball is designed to provide more distance for mid-to-high handicappers (that is, about 90% of golfers) without the harsh feel of many hard distance balls.

The Extra Soft features a soft gradated core to go with a soft iomer cover with a 330 seamless dimple design. It comes in white, yellow or pink.

Orange, Bridgestone. You need orange.

The Bridgestone Extra Soft comes as a result of the ball fittings that Bridgestone has done over the last ten years. My swings likely are part of that database. Bridgestone usually has a booth set up at the Michigan Golf Show, and I usually pop in for a few swings to see what new ball they recommend. They always recommend at least one Bridgestone model, but also suggest alternatives from other companies.

“After more than a decade of performing golf ball fittings for players of all skill levels, we’ve learned that golfers have different needs, preferences and budgets,” says Adam Rehberg, Golf Ball Marketing. “With Bridgestone Extra Soft we’ve developed a ball that feels amazing, but doesn’t sacrifice the distance or accuracy that is often seen as a drawback to playing a softer ball.”

Bridgestone introduced its Ball Fitting system in 2007 and uses the data gathered to drive research and development. This real-world understanding of player needs was a catalyst in the creation of the company’s most popular offerings, including the recently launched e6 SOFT and e6 SPEED series, as well as many more.
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