Bridgestone Tour B Xs Tiger Woods Golf Ball

Bridgestone Tour B Xs Tiger Woods Golf Ball

Tiger won the 2019 Masters with the Bridgestone Tour B Xs ball. That alone should give players a reason to reconsider their loyalty to the Pro V1. The Tour B Xs features:

  • Designed specifically for low-handicap golfers who are looking for tour-proven tee-to-green performance along with exceptional feel.
  • More spin and control around the green than the previous Tour B330X model thanks to a softer urethane cover.
  • Modified 330 dimple design that promotes improved aerodynamics for more distance.
  • Gradational core promotes optimal energy transfer at impact to create faster ball speeds, as well as less side spin for enhanced accuracy on full shots.
  • Seamless cover design and injection molding promote consistent, stable ball flight
  • SlipRes cover increases friction to create more spin on shorter shots
  • “TIGER” word mark on side of golf ball
  • Sales benefit the TGR Foundation

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